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The 3 R’s of Expiring Medication

Two-thirds of American’s medicine cabinets contain medications that have expired or are nearly empty, according to a recent study.  The survey found that while 80% of respondents clean out their refrigerators when the seasons change, and 55% clean out their closets, only 42% give their medicine cabinets the same treatment.

Take time to prepare for the season by stocking up on pharmaceuticals to combat colds and allergies, as well as chucking out old medications that may have lost their effectiveness.

1.) Read labels and expiration dates
2.) Remove what’s past its usefulness of effectiveness
3.) Restock with appropriate preparations

Medications, generally, should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight.  Bathrooms are often too damp and humid, which can break down, degrade or decrease the potency.


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Excitement Mounts!

I can’t believe our trip is just around the corner! I have had 4 of my 6 required shots. 2 more to go!

The fundraising was a success! Thanks to generous donations from personal friends and professional colleagues, I was able to reach my goal by December 1st!

Now, I have to work on my supply list. I will be doing mainly extractions and incision and drainage of abcesses…without suction…should be interesting! So I’m going to be bringing a lot of gauze!!!

You know, as I type this, I realize how I really need to outline how amazingly this trip has come together. I see now that I have being prepared my whole life for this trip.

Stay tuned for more blogs as I go back in time to show you how I got to this place! It is something else!

Merry Christmas!

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Twitter Updates

  • I have changed my twitter name. I am now tweeting as @SimiDentist, please make a note of it...see you there! 7 years ago