Uganda Mission Trip Countdown….17 days left!

February 4, 2010 at 9:31 PM Leave a comment

So I’m leaving in 17 days.

As the time crunch begins, I am becoming well aware that these will be the last 17 days of life as I currently know it.  I suspect this trip will bring me a new perspective.  I’m excited to see what life changes may come as a result of my experience in Uganda.

I am also becoming increasingly aware of how hard it will be to be away from my family, particularly my boys.  My husband, of course, will be missed. But as an adult, he more clearly understands my absence and it will likely make both of our hearts grow fonder.

But my sweet little sons…that’s another story. I notice them becoming more clingy and articulating that 2 weeks is too long of a time to be away from them.  And as I cuddle them at bed time, I agree. I can’t fathom not kissing their soft cheeks multiple times a day or feeling their breath on my cheek as I tuck them in.

I’ve always though it was cruel that you can capture how something looks with a photograph and you can record how something sounds – but you can’t capture how something “feels”; like their hugs or the softness of their skin.

It’s going to be a LONG 2 weeks away from them. My precious sons.


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