On Our Way to London!

February 22, 2010 at 4:22 PM Leave a comment

Genesis 12:1

The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”

Bonnie and I arrived to LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal around 4:00 pm. After a teary curbside good-bye with my boys and our husbands, we made our way into the terminal to weave through the maze of queue lines to get to British Airways bag drop off. Since our husbands had already taken care of checking us in at home and printing our boarding passes, the details of our trip were not on the forefront of our minds.

So when I walked up to the counter and the nice man asked me what flight number I was on, I was clueless! So I said “I don’t know!” and I looked back at Bonnie and she shrugged her shoulders too! So we just laughed and laughed.

As we got settled after checking in, Bonnie and I discovered just how much of a leap of faith this has been for both of us. Both of our lives are so busy and full that we haven’t really had time to read our itineraries or to consider how we would be getting from Heathrow airport in London to our hotel! We also realized that neither one of us knew what our fate would be once we landed in Entebbe, Uganda. Would there be a van there to pick us up? Would our trip leaders be there to greet us? Are we supposed to call someone when we get there? Both of our answers to all of those questions were…”I don’t know!” and then we’d laugh!

This trip is truly in God’s hands. In fact, I also realized that I had forgotten to put luggage tags on my checked bags! Oh well, I guess if I’m supposed to do dentistry there then I will. If the bags don’t make it, then God had other plans for us.

As I type this, we are sitting at gate 104 waiting. Our flight is delayed almost an hour. Judging by the amount of people seated in this area, we have a full flight tonight.

Prior to settling into our gate, we ate our “last” Mexican meal at Camacho’s in the terminal. It was divine and just as good as the one at Universal Citywalk. A chocolate craving should kick in at any moment so I am thankful for friends and neighbors who loaded me up with chocolate and other snacks for the flight!

At dinner, Bonnie and I discussed how surreal this all feels! We can’t believe we are about to go to Africa! Who would’ve thought?!

We also find the people watching at the airport fascinating! I like to see what people are reading as they wait patiently for their flights. It also seems like most people have smart phones and are either checking their messages or playing games on them. Bonnie loves seeing all the different ethnicities all in one place. The international terminal is quite exotic!

Next stop – London!


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