Bethany Village

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Sunday 2/28/10

Today we went to Gaba Community Church for services. It was just as you would imagine an African church service to be – a long joyful worship celebration. We look like total stiffs compared to them. It was really fun to watch and to let loose and participate.

Pastor Peter spoke about God’s sovereignty and it was really powerful. The church actively participates in the sermon by shouting “Amen” and “Praise the Lord” whenever the desire strikes them. It was a lot of fun.

After lunch, we took a 30 minute boat ride across Lake Victoria to Bethany Village, the prettiest of ARM’s projects. We pulled up to a scenic dock and were met by palm trees. After a short walk, we came upon the different homes where the orphans live. Each home has about 15 children living in it and a house mother to care for them. The houses are well kept and the children well behaved.

What is missing in these homes in a father figure. There are so few men compared to women here mostly due to the AIDs epidemic. They are in need of married missionaries to become house parents in these homes to model married life to the kids. So if you feel a calling to do that, contact ARM.

Bethany has a medical clinic that is only really stocked to treat certain things for the orphans. It’s better than nothing but it is not a fully functional clinic. They also have a church and school onsite. The area seems well maintained, they even sweep the dirt roads!

We learned more about their child development program which develops the orphans spiritually, physically, emotionally and behaviorally. They are intentional in the school and it’s very nice to see my sponsorship dollars at work.

To learn more about these villages, visit the ARM website.


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