Safari Day 2

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March 5th

Safari and Saying Goodbye

Today we headed out to safari before dawn. Our goal was to find lions eating their breakfast. We drove about an hour into the game park and saw amazing animals again! We drove right up to giraffes and hippos. We didn’t see any elephants today in the game park but did find 2 lionesses walking the plains. They were not even fazed by us being so close to them. We got within 10 yards of them but not any closer as they could’ve jumped in our bus and had us for breakfast. They were beautiful!

The surrounding water bucks (similar to our deer) were very still and hyper-aware of every move the lionesses made. If they got too close (about 50 yards away) they would take off running away from them. It was fascinating.

We did the land safari in the morning and then after lunch and our last team devotional meeting, we waited until it was time for our water safari.

While we were waiting, noticed a family of elephants right next to the grounds of our hotel. They are incredible creatures and we enjoyed watching them roam around us.

When it was time for the water safari, we loaded on the sunscreen (man it was hot today!) and got on a boat and headed south on the Nile River. On our 4 hours boat ride, was saw about 100 hippos, a bald eagle, 10 crocodiles (one of which was 18 feet long), all different kinds of vibrant and colorful birds, the land animals that came to drink from the Nile (i.e. Wort hogs, bucks, etc) and monkeys.

We headed to the base of Murchison Falls and got off the boat to take pics on rocks a few yards away from the falls.

The nature channel can’t even accurately depict what we saw live today. It was epic!

Tomorrow we head back to Kampala to pack and then head to the airport. Our team has been talking about how much we are going to miss each other and we’ve been making plans to stay in touch. Although we are all from different states, backgrounds and personality types, we’ve all gotten along so well and have had a wonderful time getting to know each other the past 2 weeks. They’ve been like family to us. So we are all getting a little sad to go home, but excited to be home at the same time.

It has been an amazing trip.

If I don’t get to post tomorrow, hang on. I will post once I return home from our 18 hour flight.

Thanks for following along!


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The Nile…It Ain’t Just a River in Egypt On the Road Again…

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