What Not To Do To Your Teeth

November 25, 2010 at 12:53 PM Leave a comment

So you think your teeth are strong. They can handle anything right? Wrong. While you may be tempted to use your teeth as a household tool or stress relief aid, think again. You could be damaging your teeth beyond repair.


1) Cleaning teeth with Comet, bleach, or other household cleaners. Household cleaners are abrasive and will wear down the enamel on your teeth.  Some are also toxic.

2) Chewing toenails. Your teeth are for chewing food and speaking only.  Use a nail file or nail clippers to keep your mouth and your feet safe from bacteria.

3) Using “crazy glue” for loose dental work. Super-strong glue will still wear away over time.  See your dentist for a long-term solution instead of living with loose dental work.

4) Opening beer bottles with teeth. This can break the tooth; dig the bottle opener out of a drawer.

5) Sucking on lemons. This is sometimes down with the misguided goal to whiten teeth or freshen breath.  But the acid in a lemon will break down the enamel on your teeth and cause decay.

6) Filing teeth with a nail file. Patients risk taking off too much of the tooth and damaging the tooth structure.  See your dentist if the shape of your tooth doesn’t feel right.

7) Flossing with household items. Dentists have seen patients floss with random objects, including hair, needles, credit cards, paper, and rubber bands. Those things can break in your mouth and put you at risk for injury and infection.  Hard items like paperclips will wear away enamel when used repeatedly and may even break your tooth.  Use only dental floss to clean between those teeth!

8) Rinsing with acidic liquids. Just like sucking on lemons, sloshing liquids such as vinegar, apple juice, and orange juice in your mouth will wear away your teeth and cause decay.  Your best bet is mouthwash or fluoride rinse.

9) Extracting teeth with pliers/power tools. Leave extraction for the professionals.  Doing it yourself risks infection, broken teeth and roots, and bone damage to your jaw.

10) Chewing pens. Such an oral fixation can fracture teeth, leading to otherwise unnecessary dental repairs.  It can also put you at risk for ingesting ink.  There are safer ways to relieve stress and fight boredom.  Preserve your teeth for their real jobs: talking and chewing food.


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